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Account is a group of settings that defines how AnyFileBackup accesses certain locations (FTP, Mailbox etc.). Once configured, the same account may be used with multiple tasks by simply selecting it from a drop-down list in task properties. Having an account is a convenient way to store all relevant settings in one place and use it with one click where you need it.


The following accounts are currently available in AnyFileBackup:


Access Properties to configure access rights and permissions for AnyFileBackup users


Amazon S3 to access buckets located in Amazon Simple Storage Service


Certificate for access SFTP and FTPS servers




Google Drive for access Google's cloud storage




Incoming E-Mail (POP3 and IMAP)


Microsoft OneDrive for access Microsoft's cloud storage


Outgoing E-Mail (SMTP and IMAP)


Password for archive passwords




Ping to check whether a server is on-line


Recipient List to crate lists of e-mail recipients



SMS to configure access to an Android-power smarphone
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