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This group of option defines properties for encryption and decryption passwords. Requires the 'File Encryption' extension.





A password that is used to encrypt and decrypt files. We recommend you to use strong passwords.

Confirm password

Repeat your password to confirm that is has been entered correctly. If it does not match the password entered above, AnyFileBackup will not allow to save changes.




Account name

A name of the current account that will be displayed in account list. If left blank, the address (or number, or user name, or account ID, as the case may be) from General section above will be used as the account name.


Any notes related to this account.

Used by the following tasks

A list of tasks that use this account.

Account ID

A unique identification number that may be used as a macro string parameter. This value cannot be changed.


A calendar date and time when this account was created. This value cannot be changed.


A calendar date and time when any of the properties of this account has been changed. This value changes automatically and cannot be changed manually.

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