Program Settings

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In this section you can read how to configure AnyFileBackup itself. Settings in this section apply to all tasks but some of them may be overridden by task-specific settings. The following chapters are included in this section:


Common Settings: date and time formats, interface and autosave settings.


Network Settings: timeouts for FTP, SMTP etc, UNIX characters and ASCI conversion.


Logging Settings: everything related to configuring how AnyFileBackup stores loges its history of activities.


Accounts: properties that defines how AnyFileBackup accesses certain locations (FTP, Amazon, Mailbox etc.) which require login, password, certificate etc.


Error Handling: everything related to how AnyFileBackup responds to errors that might occur during file transfer or elsewhere during task performance.


Task Processor: everything related to configuring the Task Processor, the core of AnyFileBackup.
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