Managing FTP, Cloud, E-mail and Other Access Data in Backup Tasks

When you set up backup or sync tasks regularly, you may need to use the same information many times: login and password to a corporate FTP server, archive passwords, lists of e-mail recipients, PGP [...] Read more

Macro Explained

When you copy files, do you need to add current time or date to a file or target folder name? If you do, then AnyFileBackup can make it easy as never before. It is achieved with macros (aka 'macro [...] Read more

Individual File Replication

Some of our users ask how to configure AnyFileBackup for replicating individual files rather than huge file masses. This note will explain how to do this. For example: you need to replicate [...] Read more

Amazon S3 File Download Links

AnyFileBackup can automatically generate links to files uploaded to Amazon S3 bucket. To enable creating the links to Amazon S3 files tick the 'Create download URLs' option in Amazon S3 Target [...] Read more

Backup to a TrueCrypt encrypted container

Do you make file back up to a TrueCrypt encrypted container? If you do, you might find that it's a bit annoying to mount this TrueCrypt container, then launch back up, and dismount the container [...] Read more

AnyFileBackup 4th gen: Further Details - File Transfer

AnyFileBackup has a unique file transfer system. Its unrestricted flexibility makes it stands out from the crowd. AnyFileBackup treats every file separately rather than working with a bulk of backup [...] Read more

AnyFileBackup 4th gen: Further Details - Source Filtering

AnyFileBackup has a system of powerful file filters. They allow to carefully select files for backup and synchronisation. Currently AnyFileBackup can filter files at three levels: Primary filter: [...] Read more