AnyFileBackup version 4 Release Candidate 1 is ready

Today Release Candidate 1 of the 4th version of AnyFileBackup has been made public.

It is completely FREE to upgrade from ver.3 to ver.4 for all users with active subscription to ver.3. Other AnyFileBackup users may purchase a subscription as usual. You may also use it in a trial mode.

The key new features of the ver. 4 include:

  • completely redesigned user interface
  • optimised backup and synchronisation processor
  • extended basic functionality (including compression option which is now included in the basic package)
  • the range of products now include special versions for FTP only and network only (will be available after the final release)
  • stability has been significantly improved
  • requires less hardware resources
  • optimised for more complex tasks that require greater degree of flexibility


We are planning to release several Release Candidate versions in the near future before the final version is ready.

We hope that you will like this new version. Please feel free to send us any comments, suggestions, thoughts about the new version.

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