AnyFileBackup ver. 5 (Pre-release) is Out

Version 5.0 of AnyFileBackup has been pre-released.

This version represents a new generation of AnyFileBackup - it has been re-designed both internally and externally with the focus on stability and reliability. The most notable changes are:

  • completely new user interface which is built on the traditional AnyFileBackup design but introduces new look and feel
  • substantially improved overall working speed, including the start up time
  • outdated and rarely used functionality removed
  • secured protocols are now incorporated into the product (no need to download them separately)

In the upcoming months we expect to expand the list of features with new updates.

The AnyFileBackup 4 users with the active subscription to updates license (provided to all new customers or can be purchased separately) are eligible to receive one (1) license for AnyFileBackup 5 for free. See details at Upgrading To Version 5

AnyFileBackup is a powerful application for real-time automatic backup, replication, and synchronization of local and remote files and directories.

Download AnyFileBackup.

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