AnyFileBackup Team is Ready to Help

We hope that the recent global spread of ransomware virus ‘Wannacry’ has not affected your IT systems and businesses. This has once again highlighted the importance of regular backups of most sensitive data because the unfortunate reality is that viruses appear from time to time rather unexpectedly and may remain undetectable by anti-virus software for some time.

AnyFileBackup perfectly fits for most known backup operations and can guarantee you a stable and reliable back up solutions.

However, configuring some settings of AnyFileBackup for the needs of a unique IT environment may sometimes turn out to be a sophisticated task. If you have any questions or enquiries, please use our recently launched Helpdesk that is overseen directly by our staff and helps to track a full history of any enquiry by a reference number directly on our website. If you wish to, you still may contact us by e-mail or via a feedback form.

We are always here to help you and committed to do this at a shortest notice.

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