Managing FTP, Cloud, E-mail and Other Access Data in Backup Tasks

When you set up backup or sync tasks regularly, you may need to use the same information many times: login and password to a corporate FTP server, archive passwords, lists of e-mail recipients, PGP keys. Entering all this info again and again is dull and time consuming.

We have found a solution. AnyFileBackup has a system of so-called ‘accounts’. An ‘account’ is a set of pre-defined settings that is generally used, for example, to access FPTs, mail servers, Google Drive, Amazon, OneDrive, etc.

Once set up, you then just select such account from a list in task settings. No need to configure anything again.

For example, access settings for an FTP server look like this:

Accounts can be accessed in two ways:

  • from task settings: by pressing the ‘Configure’ button in ‘Account properties’. (Example demonstrates how to access an FTP account)
  • from the main window: by pressing the ‘Program Settings’ button and then selecting the ‘Accounts’ item. Then select a relevant type of account and press the corresponding ‘Configure’ button. (Example demonstrates how to access an FTP account)

AnyFileBackup uses accounts to store the following data:

  1. Cloud-related:
  2. E-mail related:
  3. FTP, HTTP and other Internet related:
  4. Internal and external security related:
  5. Other:
    • SMS to configure access to an Android-power smartphone

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