AnyFileBackup Cross-Platform (CP) Edition

This project will bring AnyFileBackup to all existing platforms that support Sun’s Java © environment—Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS and others. AnyFileBackup CP is a part of the AnyFileBackup products family and will run in parallel with AnyFileBackup LAN, FPT, and PRO that work on Windows only.

Currently AnyFileBackup CP has the following features:

  • usual AnyFileBackup interface and task structure
  • back up files from LAN and FTP
  • back up files to LAN, to FTP, and to e-mail
  • scheduled actions
  • notification to e-mail (including multiple recipients)
  • CRONE scheduler
  • files filtering: by file type (full, incremental, decremental, mirroring) and by mask
  • subfolders filtering: inclusion or exclusion or all subfolders, or selected subfolders (by mask)
  • system of accounts that store your LAN, FTP, SMTP login and passwords and Recipients e-mail information so you can use it for multiple tasks and do not enter it every time and again

AnyFileBackup CP requires Java © 8+ to be installed on your computer.

Download (10MB):

Windows installer

TAR archive

We continue developing and improving it and will highly appreciate your feedback, questions, and comments.

AnyFileBackup CP is distributed under a licence which permits you to use it for free for any lawful purposes.