Real Time Backup with AnyFileBackup


AnyFileBackup v.4 is state of the art real-time backup and synchronization software. It is one of the most customisable real-time backup and synchronization solutions in the market. At the same time it remains easy to use and configure for users of almost any qualification and experience.

The scope of AnyFileBackup tasks includes real-time backup, replication, mirroring, bi-directional (aka two-way) synchronization, monitoring, clean-up, and scheduled operations. All these backup, synchronization, and other tasks support a wide range of Sources (that is what you backup) and Targets (that is to where you backup):

  • local folders
  • local disks (HDD)
  • network (LAN) folders
  • network (LAN) disks (HDD)
  • NAS
  • FTP servers (UNIX/LINUX based or Windows-based)
  • SFTP servers (UNIX/LINUX based or Windows-based)
  • FTPS servers (UNIX/LINUX based or Windows-based)
  • FTP VMS servers
  • Amazon S3 clouds (including over SSL)
  • Mailboxes (both corporate and free public)
  • HTTP hosts
  • PING
  • System services

One of AnyFileBackup's distinctive features is Source to multiple Targets backup (aka One-2-Many or 1-to-Many replication). It distributes files from one location (folder, FTP, cloud, etc) to an unlimited number of other locations. Which files goes to which Target can be manually defined so as the speed at which files leave Source and at which they arrive to Target.

Three-level system of file filters allows to catch (or exclude, if needed) files with unprecedent precision. Files are filtered by their origin (all, new, changed, deleted, etc.), by their name and extension (*.zip, 2014????_report.*, etc.), by their properties (exact or range: date, time, and size; attributes--hidden, system, read only, compressed, archive, encrypted).

AnyFileBackup will constantly keep you informed on what it going on with your tasks. Backup successfully completed? Remote FTP server is down? There is little disk space on your corporate server? - AnyFileBackup will notify you immediately by e-mail, SMS, LAN message.

Being able to operate in background as a system service or as an ordinary application, AnyFileBackup does not require user logon or any kind of manual start up - it automatically does everything for you at the blink of an eye.

AnyFileBackup is 100% free to download, try, and evaluate. Support is provided to all users, whether registered or not (registered users have priority in the waiting list).